Eye Catching Cover of the Week

Eye Catching Book Cover of the Week

This week’s cover I happened upon while scrolling through Facebook. I follow a few writing groups and see covers all of the time, but this one jumped out at me. Although it’s book two of a series, I decided to take a closer look at it because that’s the one I saw first, and so it’s the one that actually caught my eye!

Right off the top we have a clever tagline with a bit of word play. I can never resist a good play on words. It also really helps to frame the design, making sure there’s some balance to the text heavy bottom.

The colouring is a little different from what you see a lot in young adult fantasy covers. Instead of the dark blues and purples that have become the norm, they’ve chosen to go much more stark, which means it really stands out when comparing to the list of books in the genre.

I have a tendency to prefer simple flat text with maybe a texture used to give it some depth rather than the raised style used here, but in this case, they’ve won me over. The rest of the design is flat enough it gives the design the pop needed to really catch the eye.

While the half-gear might seem like a simple little add-on, it really helps the design by giving potential readers a hint that this has a modern/futuristic setting.

A final nod to the author for not only adding the series name and book number, but using font size to keep that information visually interesting.

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